Samuel S. Day

Samuel S. Day, The founder of “Telugu Mission” Samuel Stearns Day was an American Baptist Missionary who had a great burden to bring light upon Telugu-speaking people. Upon his arrival in India along with his wife Roenna, he started to work in Visakhapatnam in 1836.

Birth: 13-03-1808
Death: 17-09-1871
Native Place: Bastard Township, Ontario
Country: Canada
Place of Vision: Telugu speaking provinces, India

Later he moved to Chicacole (Srikakulam) and by next year to Madras from where he made extensive trips to the Telugu region. His heart was burdened upon realizing that between Madras and Visakhapatnam, where over ten million people were living, there was no missionary.

So, in 1840 he shifted to Nellore and established the “Telugu Mission”. He did evangelization work in the Nellore region and started a church by 1844 with few believers. He also contributed to refining the translations of the Telugu Bible. They also established schools for boys and girls.

Samuel S. Day ministry in Nellore, South India

This blossoming work met with obstacles soon. In 1846, Mr. and Mrs. Day had to return due to sickness. While back in America, the Missionary Union raised the question of abandoning the Telugu Mission. But God is faithful and raised Lyman Jewett. In 1849 Day sailed back to India along with Mr. and Mrs. Jewett. The work at Nellore mission regained its life.

They started many schools, did extensive evangelization work. Day took upon a difficult journey and traveled to the West as far as Udayagiri preaching in the villages on the way. But still, the number of converts didn’t seem to be significant, which again made the Missionary Union think about abandoning the mission in 1853.

But in that vast Telugu region, it was the only mission. S. F. Smith wrote a poem referring to the mission as “The Lone Star” that moved the hearts of the committee who approved the continuation of the mission by Jewett. Though Day returned to America in 1853 due to his failing health, he made extensive travels in America to raise funds for missions in India.

Beloved, will you shine as a “lone star” where there is no light?

Take Away from the article

“Lord, give me the burden for the souls who are still in darkness and help me to be a shining light for them. Amen!”

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