Solomon Doraiswamy biography

Solomon Doraiswamy biography, When Bishop Edgar Bentley Thorp left India, the Tiruchirappalli-Thanjavur diocese was in a state of confusion. Amidst several internal tugs and tussles, the council of the Church of South India recognized Dr. Solomon Doraiswamy as the right person fit to lead the diocese.

Birth : 17-06-1917
Home Calling : 22-05-1992
Native Place : Arakkonam
Country : India
Place of Vision : Tamil Nadu, India

Doraiswamy was officially consecrated as the bishop on February 8, 1964, at St. Peter’s Church in Thanjavur. True to the beliefs of the council members, Doraiswamy led the diocese efficiently in both spiritual and physical realms.

Doraiswamy was mainly known for initiating several people-friendly projects for the development of society. He believed that an educated Christian has much more to offer to his community than just religion.

Solomon Doraiswamy ministry in Tamil Nadu, India

One of his achievements is the rejuvenation of Bishop Heber College in Tiruchirappalli. The recommendation of the Lindsay Commission on Christian Higher Education in India led to the closure of Bishop Heber College in 1946. But, the people of Tiruchirappalli were not happy about the college’s closure because it was not only a place of education but also had been a focal point of social change in that region.

Immediately after he assumed his Bishop duties, Doraiswamy put all his heart and soul to restart the college. Finally, the college began functioning on June 24, 1966. Doraiswamy also collaborated with the German organizations and built schools, homes, and hostels for the poor children. He initiated several programs that helped the churches in his diocese become self-reliant.

Doraiswamy is also known to have had immense love for Tamil literature. His books are full of spiritual knowledge and have helped people lead an authentic Christian life. He also founded the ‘World Tamil Christian Forum’ and successfully led it. Doraiswamy retired in 1982 and remained a faithful servant of God till the end of his life.

Beloved, what are you offering to your society as a Christian?

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“Lord, help me to be a blessing to my society. Amen!”

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Solomon Doraiswamy biography

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