Amanda Reed McFarland

Amanda Reed McFarland biography, was the first woman missionary in Alaska who served the Lord with dauntless courage and indomitable spirit. Born in a strong Christian family that produced several missionaries, Amanda was brought up in good Christian ethics that laid the foundation for her future ministry. After graduating from Steubenville Seminary, she started serving with her husband in Illinois among the native Nez Perce tribes.

Birth: 12-08-1833
Home Calling: 19-10-1913
Native Place: Virginia
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision: Alaska, USA

Her time in Illinois tested her faith to the core. She lost her only child due to cholera, and a few years later, she lost her husband too to cancer. Yet, the brave woman never backed out to serve her Lord amidst severe trials.

Later, encouraged by Rev. Sheldon Jackson, Amanda committed herself to serve in the Alaska mission. She reached Fort Wrangel in 1877, where the evils of witchcraft and slavery of the native tribes prevailed.

Amanda Reed McFarland ministry in Alaska, USA

She had no time to think of anything else besides the huge task kept in front of her. She was the only Christian white woman there, who soon became a nurse, doctor, preacher, and teacher. She ran a one-room school where 72 students used to attend at a time. Yet, there was perfect obedience and order among the students.

As boundless were Amanda’s enthusiasm and energy, much bigger were her troubles in Alaska. Amanda had to struggle against the white men buying the tribal girls from the parents. Sometimes, she had to face terrible witchcraft made upon her students. Yet, Amanda, with prayer, courageously overcame the evil spirits.

Such instances helped the local people realize that the God of Amanda is much greater than their witchcraft. Despite being offered a better salary and other comforts, Amanda refused to leave the people of Alaska, as she loved them as her own. Known as “Alaska’s Courageous Missionary” by the locals, Amanda persistently served God till she was called to glory at the age of eighty.

Beloved, are you fearless in serving the Lord?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me the courage to take the gospel to the heathen lands. Amen!”

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