Ann Wilkins

Ann Wilkins biography, Nathan Bangs, the secretary of Methodist Missionary Society received a note in which it was written “A sister who has but little money, gives that little cheerfully for the ministry and is willing to give her life to serve as a missionary teacher if she is wanted.” These noble words were penned by Ann Wilkins.


Birth: 30-06-1830
Home Calling: 13-11-1857
Native Place: Hudson Valley
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Liberia

Born in a Christian family, Ann Wilkins accepted Christ at the age of fourteen. By the age of nineteen, she began teaching in New York City and also led the Sunday School at Methodist Episcopal Church.

During this time, she became interested in missions and wrote to missionary society about her desire. Although she didn’t receive an invitation, she prayerfully waited for the doors for missionary work to open.

Ann Wilkins ministry in Liberia

In 1836, she heard John Seys, a missionary serving in Liberia requesting people to join in missionary work in Africa. This time, when Ann wrote again to the missionary society mentioning her willingness to serve God, she was accepted to work in Liberia.

Ann arrived in Liberia with a few others in 1837 and immediately began educational work in Monrovia. She was an enthusiastic teacher. Despite the harsh weather not suiting her body, she eagerly went around the villages educating the children and women and preaching the Gospel. She then went on to establish a school at Caldwell and a female boarding school in Montserrado County.

From the beginning of her labors in Liberia, Ann began suffering from terrible fevers. Once when she was at the brink of death, she was forced by her friends to return to America to recuperate. Even after recovery, the Methodist mission was not ready to send her back because of her fragile health. But her determined spirit did not let her lay low. She was back in Liberia in 1854 with three more missionaries to continue the ministry.

However, her body had begun failing soon. She returned to America in April 1857 and breathed her last in November that year.

Beloved, apart from physical things, are you willing to give your life for missionary work?

Take away from the article

“Lord, I offer my life to You. Use it for Your Glory. Amen!”

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