Arley Munson Hare

Arley Munson Hare biography, A little girl was reading a missionary magazine in which she came across an illustration of a mother throwing her baby into the gaping jaws of a crocodile as a sacrifice. When the little girl asked her mother what that dreadful picture meant, the mother explained to her about the blind beliefs and customs in India that included child sacrifices.


Birth : 14.11.1871
Home calling : 1941
Native Place : Bridgeport
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision : India; France

That little girl was filled with sorrow and told herself, “Hurry and grow up, that I might go out to India and save those poor little babies.” That little girl was Arley Munson Hare.

Her parents instilled strong Christian values in Munson even from childhood. While pursuing medical studies she met an Indian Brahmin woman, Mrs. Karmarkar who was also studying in her college.

Through her, Munson further understood the pitiful life of Indian women and children which further strengthened her resolve to serve in India.

Arley Munson Hare ministry in India, France

Munson wanted her work to be a medium of Evangelism. Hence, after her graduation, when she was offered a high-paid job in a communist country, she rejected the job because of the restrictions against evangelism there. Under the auspices of Wesleyan Methodist Mission, Munson set out to minister in India and reached Bombay in 1903. Her first assignment was to provide medical services in Leper Asylums in Solapur.

Munson then shifted to Medak, Andhra Pradesh to continue the medical work left by the other missionaries. She was the only physician over an area of 500 square miles. Not only the patients did travel long distances for treatment, but Munson too frequently conducted medical camps in remote villages. She made sure that she shared the gospel with every patient and when she couldn’t she directed the patients to her missionary colleagues.

In 1908, Munson went back to America where she enthusiastically promoted Indian missionary work. During World War I in 1918, she actively served in Red Cross Hospital in France. She remained active in the medical ministry till her home call in 1941.

Beloved, is evangelism an important factor in your choice of work?

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Lord, help me demonstrate my faith and spiritual integrity in my workplace. Amen!

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