Darlene Rose

Darlene Rose, Darlene Deibler Rose was born in 1917 and accepted Christ as her personal savior when she was nine years old. At 13, during a revival meeting, she felt God urging her to commit her life missions for Christ. A few years later, she joined the Christian and Missionary Alliance for training. In 1937 she got married to Russell Deibler who had pioneered missions at various unreached parts of Papua New Guinea.

Birth : 17.05.1917
Death : 24.02.2004
Place : Lowa
Country : America
Vision area : Papua New Guinea

Darlene, a gifted linguist, worked with passion among the native leading them to Christ. When the Second World war broke out in that part of the country, the couple chose to stay and soon became captives of the Japanese army.

The men and women were separately taken to prisoner camps an so Darlene had to endure separation from her husband.

Darlene Rose ministry in Papua New Guinea

Besides, she also had to endure the brutal conditions of the Japanese internment camp which included starvation, forced labor, solitary confinement, torture and inhumane treatment. Through it all, Darlene was sustained by the grace of God, and her faith remained unshaken.

Darlene was just in her early twenties when she heard about the death of her husband. Soon, she was accused of espionage and was put in solitary confinement. Even though cruelly tortured, diseased and malnourished, Darlene battled for Christ all alone. Once, within moments of being beheade for being a spy, she was miraculously taken from the solitary confinement to her original prison camp.

God prove Himself to be sufficient in all circumstances for her. Even after returning to America, the fire to missions was burning in her. She returned to Papua New Guinea in 1949. There she faithfully served the Lord for more than forty years, before being called to Glory in 2004.

Darlene Rose

Beloved, is your faith unshaken amidst the trail and temptations?

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Lord, help me to serve You faithfully and experience that You are sufficient in all circumstances, Amen!

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