Saint Jerome

Saint Jerome, The Roman Empire underwent a major cultural change in the second century AD. The influence of Greek culture began to recede. The poeple began to speak in the native language of Rome called the ‘Latin’. Therefore, the Bible had to be translated into the Latin Language. Though many people were trying to translate the Bible into the Latin, there was no proper fully translated Bible available in latin.

Birth : A.D 347
Death : 30.09.420
City : Stridon
Country : Dalmatia
Place of Vision : Rome

Pope Damasus who lived during the last part of the fourth century AD approached Jerome, who was a great scholar, to translate the Bible into the Latin. This was not an easy task.

During those days, copies of the bible were written on leather scrolls and were preserved. Finding the scrolls, testing them and then translating them was a huge task.

Translation of Bible in Latin in 386 AD

He translated the four gospels in 348AD. The entire New Testament was translated in 386 AD. Later, when he began to translate the Old Testament, because he did not know the Hebrew language, he used the Freek Old Testament called Septuagiant. As soon as he began to learn the Hebrew language, he realized that the Old Testament has to be translated from the Hebrew language.

During 404 AD, Saint Jerome had completely translated the whole Bible. His translation was known as the ‘Vulgate'(meaning: ‘It belings to the general public’). Jerome , who provided a translation that served as a source for many other translations, began his life as a saint and fulfilled his duties on this earth as a great writer, teacher and a Bible scholar.

Beloved, will you ectend your help to translate the Bible into other languages?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to hold on to Your Word, the Bible and guide others also in this path, Amen!”

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Saint Jerome

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