David Eubank

David Eubank biography, For Christian soldiers, it is always a dilemma to fight or not to fight with the enemy. The national duty calls for war but the Christian duty calls for peace. Among some Christians who balanced their life between being a soldier and fulfilling Christ’s command is David Eubank.

Birth: 29-09-1960
Home Calling: –
Native Place: Fort Worth
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Burma; War Frontlines

David’s parents moved to Thailand to do missionary work when he was just 9 months old. He returned to America for studies and received an Army scholarship. Later, He was commissioned as an infantry officer in the US army and soon rose to the stature of a Major.

During all his confrontations with enemy armies, he was always in dilemma to fight the enemy. He understood that he was supposed to be saving souls and not killing them. Eventually, he resigned from the army and joined the Fuller Theological Seminary in 1992.

David Eubank ministry in Burma, War Frontlines

While he was studying in seminary, he was invited to provide aid in the highly conflicted zones of Burma. Prayerfully he reached Burma where he began to work among the tribal caught in civil war. There he established Free Burma Rangers (FBR) mission to provide help, hope, and love to the people under attack. Amidst several dangers there he combined his aid work with the Gospel of peace and turned many towards God.

David now expanded the FBR mission beyond Burma and has served in other war zones including, Iraq and Sudan. In Iraq, David and his family served the innocent families who were caught in the conflict between the US Army and the Islamic State terrorists. Despite the possibility of certain death in the war zone, David used to run amidst the gunfire saving lives, providing aid, and comforting them with the Gospel.

The love from being Christian and the courage from being a soldier still propel him to do what others wouldn’t care to do. Amidst fatal injuries and the risk that his family faces, the Christian soldier voluntarily works in warring zones, and when somebody asks him who sent you, he says “GOD!”

Beloved, are you a true Christian at your work?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me the Spirit of Christ and help me to be a peacemaker. Amen!”

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