Jacob Chamberlain

Jacob Chamberlain biography, In a Hyderabad market, a group of angry Muslims and Hindus surrounded a missionary doctor and his assistants who were trying to sell the Gospel tracts. The Muslims were told that the tracts were wrapped in pigskin, and the Hindus were told that the tracts were wrapped in calfskin. Both the groups were outraged and were ready to stone the missionaries.

Birth: 13-04-1835
Home Calling: 02-03-1908
Native Place: Sharon
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Nizam Province, India

Then, the missionary doctor requested the people that he’ll tell a story and then they can kill him. The idea of hearing a story from a Telugu-speaking foreigner aroused the interest of few men. Immediately, the missionary doctor quoted Vedas about the Sin and its reparation.

He asked the listeners if they had a solution for sin. Some Brahmins who were astonished at a foreigner quoting Vedas said they don’t have a solution.

The missionary then started graphically explaining the story of Yesu Kristu (Jesus Christ) and his cross. There was not a single person who wasn’t crying. Finally, he said, that’s my story, now you can kill me.

But the people said, No! We want to know more about Yesu Kristu and bought all his tracts. The missionary doctor was Jacob Chamberlain, a pioneer missionary among the Telugu people.

Jacob Chamberlain ministry in Nizam Province, India

Instead of pursuing a steady career in Medicine, 26-year-old Jacob chose to serve God in heathen lands. He reached India in 1861 and after a thorough study of Indian literature, he began his ministry in Madanapalle in 1865. He introduced western medicine, built hospitals and educational institutions. He traveled all through Nizam province and Central India preaching the Gospel.

During his ministry, he escaped death several times both from humans and wild animals. When asked what gives him the courage to do the ministry, the missionary replied, “I believe in my Master’s promise – Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world!” After an inspiring ministry till his old age, Chamberlain rested in the Lord in 1908 and was buried in the same land he chose to serve in.

Beloved, are you finding renewed courage in the promises of God?

Take away from the article

“Lord, grant me the peace to stop worrying and stand strong on Your promises. Amen!”

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