Francis Dunlap Gamewell

Francis Dunlap Gamewell biography, was a Methodist Missionary who is known as the ‘Hero of the Boxer Rebellion due to his extraordinary display of bravery. When he began studying Civil Engineering at Cornell University, he didn’t know that God was preparing him for some extraordinary times. For a while, he worked as a teacher and the opportunity to teach in China excited him. He was assigned to serve in Peking by the American Methodist Episcopal Mission.

Birth: 31-08-1857
Home Calling: 14-08-1950
Native Place: Camden
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: China

He arrived in China in 1881 and soon became the in-charge of the West China Mission. During this time, he was held hostage for 16 days by a Chinese Mob for spreading Christianity. Somehow, Gamewell and his wife escaped the hostage and returned to America.

But Gamewell returned to China in 1889 and began teaching at Yenching University. It was the time when Boxer Rebellion was beginning and the rebels showed no mercy to foreigners and Chinese Christians.

Francis Dunlap Gamewell ministry in China

On June 5, 1900, because of this uprising, Gamewell planned to leave China. But the train he was supposed to board was destroyed by the rebels. He had no option but to return to the mission compound. Along with him, 80 more missionaries were stuck in Beijing who were all facing imminent death. At that moment Gamewell knew why God allowed him to learn Civil Engineering.

While the rebels were yet to reach Beijing, Gamewell began fortifying the Mission compound. He began building barricades and dug trenches to keep the enemy away. His wife gathered other Christians in Beijing and there were 900 foreigners and 2800 Chinese Christians in the compound. On June 22 the Chinese attacks began. The fortifications built by Gamewell were so strong that all the civilians within those fortifications were safe during all the 55 days of siege.

As the attacks gradually died down, Gamewell and his wife departed from Beijing on August 21, 1900. You would be surprised to know that, he returned to China in 1909 and ministered there for another 12 years!

Beloved, are you using your academic knowledge for the service of God?

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“Lord, help me to use my knowledge and wisdom for furthering Your Kingdom. Amen!”

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Francis Dunlap Gamewell

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