Moses Clark White

Moses Clark White biography, was a pioneer medical missionary to China from American Methodist Church. Influenced by a sermon by Rev. Stephen Olin, White decided to dedicate his life to missionary work. After his graduation in 1845, he spent two years at Yale studying medicine and theology under the guidance of Rev. Olin. During this time, he also preached in the neighboring town of Milford.

Birth: 24-07-1819
Home Calling: 24-10-1900
Native Place: Oneida County
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: China

On 13 March 1847 Clark married Jane, who too had a missionary calling. Together they set sail for, China on 15th April 1847. After five months of arduous sea journey, they reached Fuh Chau on September 7, 1847.

He was surprised by prevalent opium addiction among all the sections of the society including women. The land was infested with raging poverty, crime, and sickness. Among such situations, White began spreading the gospel.

Moses Clark White ministry in China

With his medicinal knowledge, White began treating the toxic effects of Opium. To divert their attention from drug abuse, he opened small schools and began educating the people. Simultaneously, he also learned the local Fuh Chau dialect and translated a few hymns. He also translated the Matthew Gospel into the local dialect.

Although there was a gradual societal change, there were no converts. But White was not disappointed by the results, he continued to do what he was called for. Moreover, his ministry was not one without any opposition. He was once severely beaten by the mob. Due to the anti-foreign sentiment, he was not allowed to build churches on the lands he purchases. He lost his wife within 3 years of arrival in China. Yet, he continued to minister in Fuh Chau for seven years.

However, White had to return to New York due to his ill health. But his hard work was not futile. Others followed his footsteps to Fuh Chau and built God’s Kingdom on the foundations laid by him. In New York, he resumed his medical studies and simultaneously worked as clergy in a Methodist Church.

Beloved, what are you doing for the salvation of drug and alcohol addicts?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me not to be disappointed by the results but remain faithful in the responsibility You have given me. Amen!”

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