George Dana Boardman

George Dana Boardman biography, was a pioneer missionary to Burmah and was the contemporary of Adoniram Judson. Being a talented young boy, he was appointed to teach in Colby college, the same place from where he graduated. Although he was a successful teacher, his upbringing did not let him forget the ultimate duty of preaching the Gospel.

Birth: 08-02-1801
Home Calling: 11-02-1831
Native Place: Livermore
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Burmah

Boardman was aware of missionary difficulties, yet he regarded ambassadorship for Christ as of greater value than the treasures of his successful career. Hence, he gave up tutoring and went to Waterville Seminary for ministerial training. There, he heard of the untimely death of Rev. James Colman in Burmah and applied to Baptist Board to serve in his place.

Within a week of his marriage to Sarah Hall in March 1825, Boardman was aboard a ship to Calcutta. From there they reached Maulmein in 1827. Maulmein was a dangerous place full of murderers and bandits.

George Dana Boardman ministry in Burmah

Although Boardman was offered a safe place in the army cantonment, he preferred to stay among the common people. As expected his house was raided and looted. But disappointed he traveled extensively among the villages preaching the gospel, while Sarah managed the education work. The seeds of grace sown by them took roots and produced abundant spiritual fruit.

Even before he could enjoy the fruits of his labors, he was sent to establish another mission station at Tavoy. With no qualms, Boardman went to Tavoy to minister among the staunch idol-worshipping Karen tribes. There he faced severe opposition from the locals. But the love of Christ shining brightly through Boardman won all adversaries. He traveled hundreds of miles on foot and braved impassable mountains to preach the Gospel.

During his four years of ministry, he lost both his children. Amid bereavement, he repeated the words of Apostle Paul, “None of these things move me.” Boardman himself, overwhelmed by exhaustion, went to the Lord at the young age of 30!

Beloved, are you convinced that the suffering for Christ is of greater value than the treasures of this world?

Take away from the article

“Lord, I don’t count my life dear to me. Help me to finish my course with Joy. Amen!”

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