Harvie Conn

Harvie Conn biography, Harvie Maitland Conn was a Canadian missionary known for his ministry in Korea and the United States of America. In his childhood, he had no fear of God and used to draw pictures of the pastor during sermons. But God humbled him during his studies at Calvin College in Michigan. He became obedient to God’s call for ministry and joined Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

Birth: 07-04-1933
Home Calling: 28-08-1999
Native Place: Regina
Country: Canada
Vision: Korea, United States of America

During his time at Westminster, he began a new congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. There he developed an interest in missionary work. Eventually, he found an opportunity to serve in Korea through German Reformed Church. Along with his wife Dorothy Diedrich, a nurse, Harvie reached South Korea in 1960.

During that time, Korea was torn by war and was also suffering from American troops’ oppression. The country was in extreme poverty and everywhere there were political protests. After language training, Harvie aimed to reach a larger audience and began preaching through radio broadcasts. He published pamphlets and distributed them.

Harvie Conn ministry in United States of America

Harvie and Dorothy were especially concerned about prostitutes and began Bible studies in brothels. They patiently listened to the plights of the young girls and taught them about the good life in Christ. Gradually there was a significant change in many women’s lives. This angered the brothel managers who beat Harvie several times. But he always turned his other cheek to them, with a hope to earn them too for Christ. Harvie also worked among the beggar children and brought many of them to Christ.

After enduring several trials during 13 years of fruitful ministry in Korea, Harvie returned to Philadelphia and began teaching at Westminster Theological Seminary. Soon, the entire city became his classroom. He effectively convinced the new generation by combining the urban statistical data with scriptural principles.

By 1998, his vision began to weaken making his travel difficult which forced him to retire from active ministry. He went to the Lord in 1999 after briefly battling cancer.

Beloved, are you returning insult for insult or are you willing to turn your other cheek for Christ’s sake?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to forgo retaliation and show the Love of Christ in all situations. Amen!”

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