Katie Davis Majors

Katie Davis Majors biography, is a young American missionary who gave up her affluent life to show Christ’s love to the poverty-stricken people of Uganda. Even from childhood Katie was aware of the rampant poverty across the world and was thankful to God for her blessed life. As years passed, the burden of human poverty also grew in her heart, and the love of Jesus compelled her to give up her dreams and do what Christ would do.

Birth: 01-11-1989
Native Place: Nashville
Country: United States of America
Vision: Uganda

At the age of 18, she found an opportunity to work as a kindergarten teacher in Uganda. While girls her age were seeking pleasures of the world and pursuing successful career options, Katie decided to go to Uganda. She landed in Uganda in 2006 along with her mother.

There she saw the vicious cycle of illiteracy leading to poverty which ultimately bred the juvenile criminals. Instead of seeking funds from anyone, she set an example by first giving up her savings to provide education for 10 underprivileged kids.

Her example inspired many of her friends and relatives, which lead to fundraising sufficient for 150 children.

Katie Davis Majors ministry in Uganda

After a year’s mission work, she returned to America to complete her graduation. Her decision to go back to Uganda was met with opposition by her family. But she chose to please her Heavenly Father over the earthly father and returned to Jinja in 2007. There she started Amazima Ministries with a vision to transform the lives of Ugandan people by introducing them to Christ. She runs a Christ-centric school and has spiritually and physically transformed several families in Jinja through it.

Well supported by her husband, Benji Majors, Katie adopted 13 children who lost their parents due to AIDS. Despite the several challenges in the ministry, she chuckles and says “You are doing something great with your life—when you are doing all the small things with His great love. You are changing the world—when you are changing one person’s world. You aren’t missing your best life—when you aren’t missing opportunities to love like Christ.”

Beloved, is your youth, a medium of Christ’s love to this World?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to do even small things with your Great Love. Amen!”

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