John Cutting Berry

John Cutting Berry biography, Being a missionary to be honoured in a foreign land where Christians had hard times is not something simple. John Cutting Berry was an American medical missionary who received the Order of the Sacred Treasure (3rd class), an honourable award from the Japanese government. Japanese published his biography, the ever first biography of an American written by the Japanese, and they regarded him as the father of prison reformation in Japan.

Birth: 16-01-1847
Home Calling: 09-02-1936
Birth Place: Maine
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Japan

Berry lost his father when he was four years old and started to work for his living from the age of eleven. When he was twenty, the ship he was riding caught in a storm. Being survived the calamity, he thought that God had saved him for a purpose and committed the rest of his life to serving God.

Like many other missionaries, Berry also chose to soothe the physical agony of people as a means to bring spiritual healing to them. After graduating in medical studies, he arrived in Japan in 1872. Berry worked as the medical director of the International Hospital of Kobe.

He offered his services freely to the poor if they would listen to him reading from the Bible. Berry also established a clinic for the poor in Kobe. Along with Japanese doctors, he established Japan’s first charitable hospital in Sanda.

John Cutting Berry ministry in Japan

In 1873, he visited the prison in Kobe and was moved with compassion by seeing the horrible conditions of the prisoners. He then appealed to the governor to reform the prison system. Many other missionaries followed in his footsteps. This had been the seed for a prison reform movement in Japan. He also inspected the prisons in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyōgo, and Harima. His reports contributed to the changes in the Japanese prison system.

After working tirelessly in several places in Japan, Berry returned to America in 1894. Till the age of 88, he continued to provide medical services and always had compassion for the poor. He rested in the Lord at the age of 89.

Beloved, you are saved from the storm of sin and the calamity of eternal death. Have you realized the purpose of God for it?

Take away from the article

“Lord, thank You for saving me. I live my remaining life serving You. Amen!”

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