George Piercy

George Piercy biography, Just like Elisha in The Bible, George Piercy too was called from being a farmer in Yorkshire to being a harvester in God’s field in China. Ever since he gave his life to Christ, he was active in the Wesleyan Church and often thought about ministering to God in foreign lands.

Birth: 1829
Home Calling: 1913
Native Place: Yorkshire
Country: England
Place of Vision: Canton Province, China

At that time, China was slowly opening to missionary work and the Wesleyan church was yet to send someone to minister there. Piercy had clear guidance from the Lord to work in China. Despite several discouragements from his acquaintances, Piercy reached London and met the secretary of Wesleyan Missionary Society. Although the society was convinced of young Piercy’s zeal, they had no money to commence a mission in China.

Did Piercy lose heart? No! Knowing that the One who called him was faithful, he boarded a ship to China with his own expenses. He didn’t know anyone in China neither did he have any idea how he was going to survive there. He stepped out in faith towards the unknown and reached Hong Kong in 1851.

George Piercy ministry in China

For some time, he spent visiting the English soldiers and ministering among them. However, he knew that his call was for the lost Chinese and not the Christian soldiers. Hence, he moved to Canton province and started a vigorous ministry among the heathen. While he was yet learning Cantonese, he started preaching the Gospel with the help of an interpreter. Despite the local opposition and deaths of his colleagues, he diligently toiled among them. Gradually, through his efforts, the Kingdom of God found its roots all over Canton province.

His noble example inspired many more Methodists from Europe who came down to China and expanded the ministry. In his 31 years of ministry in China, he calmly faced hardships including the loss of his beloved wife and children, and yet never lost his enthusiasm to bring the idol-worshipping Chinese to the Lord.

At the age of 81, George Piercy returned to England and continued to minister till his death in 1913.

Beloved, are you losing heart in the face of discouragement?

Take away from the article

“Lord, renew my hunger to win souls for You. Amen!”

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