John Everett Clough

John Everett Clough biography, Also known as “The Apostle to the Telugu”, John Everett Clough was an American Baptist Missionary who served in India from 1865-1905. Clough’s arrival in 1865 was an answer to an eleven-year-old prayer of Lyman Jewett and his co-workers on a hill overlooking the Ongole city asking God to send a missionary to that city.

Birth : 16.07.1836
Home calling : 24.11.1910
Native Place : New York
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision : Andhra Pradesh, India

During his college days, John felt God’s call to gospel ministry. After his theological training and ordination, he along with his wife, Harriet Sunderland, left for India. On arrival in Nellore, he immediately started learning the local dialect and wrote gospel tracts.

Amidst this, they received an invitation from Yerraguntla Periah, a Madiga leather-worker, of a village near Ongole. The ‘Madigas’ were the outcaste in the then prevalent caste system of India.

The verse- “For you see your calling, brethren, that not many are wise after flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are called.” (1 Corinthians 1:26), motivated John to spread the gospel amongst the Madigas. In the next ten years, John planted churches, built schools, and trained preachers and evangelists.

John Everett Clough ministry in Andhra Pradesh, India

John was known for his relief work amongst the socially outcast during the famine of 1876-1879. He negotiated with the government to recruit thousands of people as laborers in the extension work of the Buckingham Canal in Vijayawada. While the people were laboring for their survival during the famine, John continued to labor for the salvation of their souls.

Soon, 9000 people were ready for Baptism. But John did not want them to accept the Lord for physical benefits. So, he waited for the famine to end. Then around 9500 people were willing to be Baptized. It is written that “Madiga community was turned upside down. They abandoned their old gods . . .” and that time is referred to as Ongole Mass Movement.

The pioneer of the Baptist Mission in Ongole went to be with the Lord after a fruitful ministry in the year 1910.

Beloved, God has brought you to your city as an answer to several prayers. Are you fulfilling the purpose of those prayers?

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Lord, strengthen me to live as an answer for others’ prayers. Amen!

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