Susanna Carson

Susanna Carson biography, Susanna (Susie) Carson, was a Canadian medical missionary, who is known for her brave attempt to reach Lhasa, the ‘forbidden city’ of Tibet. She graduated as a medical professional at the age of 20 and practiced medicine for six years in Canada. She found the opportunity to fulfill her childhood desire of becoming a missionary when she married Petrus Rijnhart, who had the burden to preach the Gospel in Tibet.

Birth : 1868
Home calling : 07.02. 1908
Native Place : Chatham
Country : Canada
Place of Vision : Tibet

With no funding from any missionary organization, the missionary couple reached Shanghai in 1895. After a perilous journey of 2000 miles for six months, they reached Lusar, a border town of Tibet.

With her medical skills, Susie could establish friendships among the locals. While she waited for the right opportunity to go to Lhasa, a Muslim rebellion started which resulted in more than 1,00,000 deaths of Muslims and Buddhists.

Instead of fleeing that terrible situation, the missionary couple followed the example of Good Samaritan and provided care to both communities.

Susanna Carson ministry in Tibet

Three years later Susie and Petrus were ready to preach the Gospel in Lhasa. The 800-mile journey to Lhasa was sorrowful for Susie. In extreme cold, they were crossing 16000 feet high mountain ranges where it became difficult to breathe. In the middle of the journey, their Chinese guides abandoned them.

They were looted by the robbers and barely had anything to eat. As they were nearing Lhasa, the Tibetan soldiers did not allow them to continue to Lhasa. Hence, they had to take make a return journey to China, during which Susie lost her infant child and her husband too. Several times she was on the verge of being raped and killed. Yet, in God’s providence, she reached Gyegu in China.

She returned to Canada in 1900 and toured Canada sharing her testimony. Despite all the tragedies, Dr. Susie returned to China in 1902 and established the ‘Disciples of Christ mission to Tibet.’ After inspiring a generation of missionaries, Susie went to be with the Lord after a brief illness in 1908.

Beloved, do you know that your every attempt to serve God amidst difficulties is an inspiration for many

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Lord, give me strength to cross the mountain-like-difficulties to serve you. Amen!

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