Richard Allen

Richard Allen, was a slave who led his master to Christ and then became the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born into slavery and worked as a servant of a Delaware plantation owner. Although the other owners disapproved of their slaves attending the church, Allen was encouraged by his master to attend the local Methodist society.

Birth: 14-02-1760
Death: 26-03-1831
Native Place: United States
Place of Vision: United States

As his faith in Christ deepened, Allen could not help but demonstrate the positive effects of his devotion, which impressed his master and the other slave owners.

Allen’s honesty, work ethic, and good behavior stood as a testimony of his faith in Christ, which eventually led to the conversion of his master. After buying his freedom at the age of 22, Allen initially did few odd jobs to support his family.

Richard Allen ministry in United States

He simultaneously started serving God as an itinerant missionary. Allen traveled across South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, preaching the Gospel among the people of color. He soon started ministering at St. George’s Methodist Episcopal Church.

However, the church’s restriction on the Black believers and discrimination during the worship services motivated him to establish an African-American church that later grew into the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Despite the threats and legal troubles, the church multiplied under his visionary ministry. Today, it has over 6,000 churches and over 2 million members.

Allen was also an abolitionist activist and convincingly used the scriptures to make people realize that enslaving fellow human beings is a sin. His persuasive sermons help people to lead an active Christian life. Aided by his wife Sarah, Allen rescued many runaway slaves, who gradually found their refuge in Christ.

Beloved, when you have been delivered from the bondage of sin, are you not responsible for setting others free from their bondage to sin by preaching the Gospel?

Take away from the article

“Lord, strengthen me and use me as an instrument to set others free by sharing the Good News. Amen!”

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