Isaac Jogues biography

Isaac Jogues biography, was a French missionary who served in the North merican continent. he studies philosophy at the La Fleche college and became a teacher in Rouen. However, his inclination for missions compelled him to pursue theology at College de clermont in Paris.

Birth : 10.01.1607
Death : 18.10.1646
City : Orleans
Country : France
Place of vision : North America

After being ordained as a priest in 1936, he set out for his first mission among Huron people in North America. Shortly after they arrived at Lake Huron, Jogues was stricken by fever.

Soon as epidemic broke out among the missionaries and the natives of the villages. The natives blamed the missionaries for the cause of the epidemic and almost condemned them to death.

Isaac Jogues ministry in North America

However the grace of God sustained then and Jogues started his ministry among Hurons. He learned theor language and accustomed himself to their habits. For six years he preached the gospel moving from village to village, leading many natives to Christ. The Huron tribe was at constant war with the Mohawk Tribe(Iroquois).

Once the Mohawks ambushed Jogues along with a few more christian Hurons and tool them captive. While some hurons were killed, he was tortured cruelly, and his thumbs were cut. Despite the sufferings, he helped more than 60 natives to accept Christ as their savior. After 13 months of captivity, he was rescued by Dutch merchants. He was brought back to France, but his heart longed to go back to North America.

In 1646 he returned to Iroquois territory and where he tried to establish peace among the warring tribes. Trade and travel tentatively prevailed among the tribes due to his efforts. However, some of the tribesmen regarded missionaries as evil practitioners of foreign magic. When there was yet another outbreakof infectious disease, and crop failure at Ossernenon, they blamed Jogues and his associates for it. One day they invited Jogues to visit them and crushed his skull with a tomahawk.

Beloved, how strong is your desire to serve the Lord even in the face of death?

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