Sarah Lanman Smith

Sarah Lanman Smith, Sarah Lanman Huntington was born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1802 to Jabez Huntington and Mary Lanman. At a very early age of 12, she was drawn towards divine things. The testimonies of Harriet Newell and Ann Judson had a profound impact on her young mind. In her 18th year, one day she attended a church conference where she realized that she is a sinful person despite professing to be a Christian.

Birth: 18-06-1802
Death: 30-09-1836
Native Place: Connecticut
Country: America
Place of Vision: America, Syria

That day before the meeting closed, she gave her heart to God. Thus, started her zeal to good to others and bring them to Christ.

Sarah was twenty-five when she decided to take the gospel to the Mohegan Indians who lived close to Norwich. She visited them and distributed tracts sharing the love of Christ. Along with the help of another friend who was an interpreter, she opened a Sunday School for Mohegan children and taught them to read and write.

Sarah Lanman Smith ministry in America, Syria

She used to travel on horseback and interacted with whomever she met on the road. She also opened a “Charity Warehouse” for Mohegans with the help of her prayer group. Amidst such ministry, Sarah had a deep desire to commit to missionary work. Her desire became a reality when she married Eli Smith who was an ABCFM (American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions) missionary to Syria.

In 1833, Sarah and her husband set sail to Beirut, Lebanon which was then a part of Syria. There she learned French, Arabic, and Italian and help her husband with his translation work. She maintained an active prayer schedule and started a ‘Women’s Prayer Meeting’.

She believed that Christian ministry should focus more on deeds than words, so she developed a ministry of hospitality and service to the poor. She also established a mission school and taught the Arab girls. Three years into the field, as Sarah’s health failed, she left her body and found eternal solace in heavenly places.

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