Henry Martyn

Henry Martyn, Henry Martyn was an Anglican priest and a missionary to India and Persia. He lost his mother shortly after his birth and was brought up by his father John Martyn, a miner. In his youth, Henry had a flaring temper and violent nature. Once he almost killed his friend, hurling a knife at him in a fit of rage.

Birth: 18-02-1781
Death: 16-10-1812
Native Place: Cornwall
Country: England
Place of Vision: India, Persia (modern-day Iran)

However, his father’s death changed his attitude completely. He went to St. John’s College, Cambridge, and graduated in Mathematics. The fellowship he had with Charles Simeon, an evangelical clergyman in the Church of England, helped him grow in his faith.

Gripped by the testimonies of David Brainerd and William Carey, Henry laid aside all the ambitions of scholarly fame and became a messenger of Hope to foreign lands.

Henry Martyn ministry in India,Persia(Iran)

Accepting a chaplaincy with the East India Company, Henry came to India in 1806. He arrived at Serampur and then went to Dinapur. He quickly learned the local Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and began to preach the gospel in the local languages. Encouraged by fellow missionaries, he made Bible translation his main task. He also translated New Testament and Anglican prayer book into Urdu to make a real effort to bring the gospel to India’s Muslims. He also established schools for children.

Later in 1810, Martyn traveled to Persia (modern-day Iran) to further the Gospel endeavors among the Muslims. Despite worsening health conditions, he translated the New Testament into Persian and Arabic languages. Later in 1812, he set off to Constantinople on a horseback, hoping to serve among the Armenians.

However, almost at the end of the 1300 miles journey, as his strength failed he breathed his last at the age of 31. Martyn was a prayerful man who completely rested on scriptures all through his life. His devotion to his tasks and the zeal he had for the things of God, rendered him one of the most remarkable missionaries of his time.

Beloved, what have you achieved for the Lord when you were/ are young?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to use all my strength to serve You. Amen!”

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