Susan Higgins

Susan Higgins biography, was a pioneer American female missionary in Japan. Born in a family of preachers, Susan grew up to be a God-fearing child. Her mother Sarah Higgins was her spiritual role model, whom she lost at a very young age. Susan describes the experience of her salvation as “I distinctly remember gentle knockings on my heart from the pierced hand of my savior when I was only eleven.”

Birth: 1842
Home Calling: 03-07-1879
Native Place: Maine
Country: United States of America
Place of Vision: Yokohama, Japan

Early in the Christian experience, Susan became greatly interested in missions. After graduation from school, she cherished the thought that someday God might call her to minister. Sometimes when offerings were solicited in the church, being a young girl and with no money of her own, she often was tempted to write “I give myself” and put it in the offering box. However, her shyness and her sense of being unfit to serve God prevented her from committing herself to the missionary service.

One day in 1878, she attended a meeting of ‘Women’s Foreign Missionary Society” (WFMS). And suddenly, one woman came up to Susan and said “I think we can send you as missionary some time.” “Any time” was the immediate response of Susan. Soon, WFMS recruited her to work in Yokohoma in Japan, a difficult place for Christians then.

Susan Higgins ministry in Yokohama, Japan

Susan reached Yokohama in November 1878 and immediately started learning Japanese. She worked as an English teacher and also conducted Sunday School for the children. Within few months she also started conducting Bible classes in Japanese. Her focus was not to just earn the children for Christ but also to motivate them to be standalone testimonies at their homes and societies. She visited nearby villages for school purposes and utilized them as opportunities for Gospel proclamation.

But within a year of ministry, she fell suddenly sick. Knowing that it was her time, she gathered the children around her and asked them to sing a song. Just as the children were singing the last stanza, Susan rested eternally in the Lord.

Beloved, are you mindful that the Lord desires your service more than your offerings?

Take away from the article

“Lord, I give myself to You. Use me for Your Glory. Amen!”

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