Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth, Catherine Mumford Booth was the daughter of John Mumford, who was a carriage builder and an occasional Methodist preacher. Catherine received a strict evangelical upbringing and read the Bible eight times even before she turned twelve.

Birth : 17-01-1829
Death : 04-10-1890
Place: Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Country: United Kingdom
Place of Vision: United Kingdom

During her adolescence, she suffered from spinal curvature and incipient tuberculosis due to which she had to spend many months on bed rest. However, she kept herself busy reading the writings of Charles Finney and John Wesley. She was also a woman with a social conscience and used to write articles about the dangers of alcohol consumption.

Catherine Booth Ministry in UK

It was during this time that she became assured of her own salvation and of her calling to public ministry. Catherine married William Booth in 1855 and became his devoted helper. Catherine believed in the potential of female ministry as a powerful tool to reach new audiences.

Convinced about women’s right to preach the gospel, she started preaching in 1860. With her gentle but powerful appeal, she won many people for Christ. She also used to counsel alcoholics at their homes and conducted cottage meetings to strengthen new believers in their faith.

In 1865, William founded ‘The Salvation Army’ and Catherine took up the leading role in the organization. The couple worked tirelessly to bring the gospel to everyone. She mentored the young female members of the Salvation Army, known as ‘Hallelujah lasses,’ who preached in the streets and provided social care to the poor.

Catherine balanced her time well between raising her eight children and her preaching schedule. True to her social conscience, she also set up Food-for-the-Million Shops, which offered food for the poor at nominal prices. She authored several books especially focusing on the role of women in the expansion of the church. Her efforts and sacrifices for God, have rightly earned her the title “Mother of the Salvation Army.”

Beloved, how many times have you completed reading the bible?

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“Lord, put in me a deep desire to read thy word and live according to it. Amen!”

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