William Tyndale

William Tyndale, was an English scholar who became a leading figure in the Protestant Reformation in the years leading up to his execution. He is well known as a translator of the Bible into English, influenced by the works of Erasmus of Rotterdam and Martin Luther.

The Holy Bible is a book written in Blood. It is a book written by the saints who were washed by the blood of Christ. William Tyndale is credited for bringing out the first printed English Bible. The earlier Bible copies were handwritten. he took every effort and sacrificed himself so that even the ordinary people could read the scriptures.

Birth : 1494
Death : 06.10.1536
City : Slimbridge, Gloucostershire
Country : England
Place of Vision : England, Germany

In those days, when it was illegal and punishable for ordinary people to possess the Bible, Tyndale made sure that the bible was in the hands of every man, realizing that the Bible is the light of our path. He brought the Bibles from Germany to England, hiddne in wheat bundles, and distributed them to the people.

William Tyndale – Martyr of Christ

Tyndale’s reformative actions and Bible translation provoked great enmity from the king of England. He was declared as a ‘false techer’. The Bibles translated by Tyndale were burnt in a fire. The people who read the Bible were punished. His enemies caught him tactically, and he was out in prison for 16 months. He was tried on a charge of hersey and was condemned to be burned to death.

It was on October 06 in 1536, he was tied to a stake and was burned to death. his final words, spoken at the stake with a fervent xeal and a loud voice, were, “Lord! open the King of England’s eyes.” His last prayer opened the eyes of the king. Within four years, four English translations of the Bible were published in England at the King’s behest.

Beloved, what is your role in carrying the Bible to the farthest corners of the earth?

Take away from the article

“Lord, transform me into a warrior who always carries his Bible, Amen!”

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