Ira David Sankey

Ira David Sankey is a gospel singer and composer, known for his long association with Dwight L. Moody. Sankey was an amateur singer an church worker when Moody recruited him in 1870 after he heard him sing at a convention in Indiana. Until Moody’s death in 1899, the two campaigned together, where Moody preached, and Sankey sang songs for the glory of the name of Christ.

On Christmas Eve of 1875, after finishing gospel meetings in England, both of them were returning abroad in a ship. Throughout the journey, David was singing several songs. After completing one particular song, a rude looking man came and stood in front of him.

About Ira David Sankey:

Birth : 28.08.1840
Death : 13.08.1908
City : Edinburg, Pennsylvania
Country : America
Place of Vision : England

He asked-David if he ever  served in the Union Army, for which David replied, ‘ Yes. ‘ the man told him, ” I was also fighting in the same war, but I served in the enemy army. That day, when I was aiming to shoot you, I heard you sing this same song. The song touched my heart deeply, and couldnt shoot you” anymore. hearing this, David Sankeyembraced the man and spoke to him about Christ. The man accepted Christ and was saved.

David was not only a soldier, but he was also a spiritual leader for the war veterans. While serving the army, he continued his spiritual activities. He formed a choir, sang songs, and assisted the chaplain. He taught the fellow soldiers and veterans many Christian revival songs, whichmade them good Christians.

When he sang, the songs pierced the hearts of many people, making them leave their sinful life and dedicate themselves to Christ for a new life. Even after his death, David Sankey’s songs continue to influence many to commit their lives of Christ.

” Lord, strengthen me to do great works for the glory of your name, Amen ! “


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Ira David Sankey

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