Isaac Watts Biography

Isaac Watts biography, ” The singing of God’s praise is the part of worship most closely related to heaven.” were the words said by Isaac Watts who is often referred to as the father of English hymnody. Isaac Watts was a renowned Christian poet and an English Christian Minister. He began to write verses from a very young age.

Isaac wrote 600 hymn in his entire lifetime:

Birth: 17.07.1674
Death: 25.11.1748
Native place: Southhampton
Country: England
Place of Vision : England

Once, while complaining about degeneranted hymn singing at churches, he was challenged bu his father to write something better. The following week Isaac presented his first hymn, ” Behold the glories of the Lamb”.

For the nest two years, he wrote a new hymn every sunday and accomplished writing more than 600 hymns in his lifetime

He rewrote the hymns of Psalms with New Testament message and style. Some of his famous hymns include :

  1. Joy to the World
  2. Our God, our help in Ages Past
  3. When I Survey the wondrous Cross
  4. I Sing the mighty power of God
  5. Bless, O My Soul! the living God
  6. Jesus Shall Reign

His hymns encouraged joyful congregtional singing, full of praise. he loved children and wrote much for them. His book ‘Divine Songs for Children’ was the first hymnal ever written exclusively for children.

Watts was a great scholar and taught Biblical truths along with history and philosophy. His writings included many fields: Psycology, sermons, catechisms, theology, logic, etc. Though he was frail in health during much of his life and was like an invalid for the last thirty years of his life, nothing could stop him from writing praises for his God.

His words, “My desire was not to exalt myself to the rank and glory of poets, but I was ambitious to be a servant to the churches, and a helper to the joy of the meanest Christian. ” describe his ambition. His hymns are a great blessing for thousands of people even today.

Isaac Watts Biography

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Isaac Watts Biography

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