Isaac Yesuvadiyan Iyadurai biography

Isaac Yesuvadiyan Iyadurai biography, Of the many pioneer missionaries sent by the Indian Missionary Society, Isaac Yesuvadiyan Iyadurai was a prominent one. He was born in 1890 and started his career as a teacher. His immense desire to share the gospel with others made him leade his teaching profession. He started his missionary journey in 1912 with Bishop V.S.Azariah.

Birth : 19.05.1890
Death : 04.02.1973
City : Idayankulam
Country : India
Place of Vision : India

He visited several villages to share the gospel and sometimes stayed back to fulfill the ministry. At times when he could not find a place to stay, he used to sleep on a bullock cart.

The problems and tribulations which he faced did not stop him from serving the people.

He was a great writer who wrote a one-page long message called ‘The Salvation Pilgrimage’, which he distributed whenever he went. He used pictures and photos to demostrate biblical narrations like the birth of Christ, His resurrection, the prodigal son, etc.

Isaac wrote many Tamil hyms

And taught the people to walk in Christ. He was a music enthusiast and wrote several songs to encourage people to grow spiritually. He wrote the famous Tamil Hymn, ” Jepattai Kekum eka Devaa” (The Lord who hears our prayers) and gave a tune to it, which is now sung by thousands of people.

He starte primary and secondary schools to encourage children’s education. he also served as an honorable magistrate who resolved issues in various families in 1941, an entire village accepted christ due to his efforts, where around 88 poepl received baptism.

Many people were awestruck at his hard work. Iyadurai led his life carefully to bear witness of Christ and went to be with the Lord in 1973.

Beloved, will you go and preach the gospel to those who do not know Christ ?

Take way from the article

“Lord, I will carry your message everywhere to bring glory to Your name, Amen”

Word of Prayer

Isaac Yesuvadiyan Iyadurai biography

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