James Calvert

James Calvert was a Methodist missionary from Yorkshire, who is known for his missionary work in Fiji. When he was fourteen, he worked as an apprentice for a printer and bookbinder for seven years and the skills which he acquired then were extensively used in his later ministry. In 1837, he joined Hoxton Theological College but was soon discontinued for he was sent on a mission to Fiji along with missionaries John Hunt and Thomas Jagger. They reached Lakemba, a Fijian island, in December 1838.

Birth: 03-01-1813
Death: 08-03-1892
Native Place: Pickering, Yorkshire
Country: England
Place of Vision: Fiji Islands and South Africa

Calvert became proficient in the native language very quickly. Living among cannibals and serving them with the love of God is not an easy mission. Besides, irregular supplies from overseas and health problems. Midst of all, his wife Mary Fowler stood beside him as a great companion and rendered invaluable services in ministry.

James Calvert ministry in Fiji Islands and South Africa

In 1848 Calvert was appointed to Viwa Island. One remarkable fruit of Calvert’s ministry is the conversion of Ratu Seru Cakobau (also spelled Thakombau), king of the united Fijian islands. Calvert’s services were significant in two areas­–providing Fijians with Bible and playing the role of mediator in local wars and in conflicts of locals with foreign settlers.

In 1855 Calvert went back to England with David Hazlewood’s Fijian translation manuscript of the Old Testament and helped to produce 5000 copies of the Fijian Bible and 10,000 copies of the New Testament. He came back to Fiji in 1861 and served till January 1865.

In 1872 he offered himself to meet the need of a missionary with administrative skills to work in South Africa. With patience and love, he served the Church filled with inequality where whites were unwilling to gather for worship along with Africans. He returned to England in 1881, revisited Fiji in 1886, and finally left for his heavenly abode in 1892.

Beloved, do you realize that the talents and skills you acquired are in the plan of God to use in His ministry?

Take away from the article

“Lord, give me the burden to establish peace and unity in the society and the Church. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

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