Saint Benedict of Nursia biography

Saint Benedict of Nursia biography, is the founder of Western Christian Monasticism. Benedict was born into a distinguished family in central Italy and was drawn to monasticism early in life. The paganism and immorality he saw in Rome were so depressing that he retired to a cave, 20 miles east of Rome, to live as a hermit. He sought as little contact as possible and used the time to discipline his flesh.

Birth: 480
Home Calling: ~543
Native Place: Nursia (in present-day Umbria)
Place of Vision: Nearby Rome

When a small group of monks approached him to teach them monasticism and asked him to head their monastery, he agreed. However, these monks hated his strict regimen and attempted to kill him. Saved by God, he again returned to solitude.

He then established many monasteries in and around Rome as many monks sought his help and guidance.

Saint Benedict of Nursia ministry in Rome

He wrote a rulebook for monastic life, which prescribes a life of prayer, Bible study, manual labor and living together in a loving community, and submitting their entire lives to God’s will. The rulebook helped many to lead a monastic Christian life when the Roman Empire was collapsing in the West, and pagan barbarian tribes were controlling Europe.

It looked like Christianity in Europe was finished. Benedictine monasteries, more than anything else, are believed to have kept the Christian faith alive. Apart from establishing monastic order, Benedict is known to have performed several miracles during his lifetime. Many of his miracles were similar to those that Biblical prophets and Jesus himself have performed.

He also devoted himself to evangelizing the local population who practiced pagan worship. In the present fast-paced world, when many of us find it hard to respond equally to our earthly duties and the call of the Spirit, the life of Saint Benedict encourages us to lead a life acceptable to God. His life teaches us to turn daily tasks into prayers instead of wondering how to squeeze prayer into the busy schedule.

Beloved, how disciplined is your life in Christ?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to abide by every rule in Your Word so that I may please You. Amen!”

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