Watchman Nee biography

Watchman Nee biography, was one of the most influential church leaders and preachers of the 20th century. Watchman Nee, whose original name was Nee Shu-tsu, was born as an answer to his mother’s prayer, “Lord, If I have a boy, I will consecrate him to You.” Nee grew up to be a brilliant student and had grand plans for his career.

Birth: 04-11-1903
Home Calling: 30-05-1972
Homeland: China
Place of Vision: China

Nee was not ready to accept Christ in pursuit of his dreams because he knew that being a Christian requires a sacrificial life. However, one night after attending a revival meeting, Nee was overwhelmed, realizing God’s love for him and gave his life to Christ. Later at his Baptism, he declared, “Lord, I leave my world behind. Your cross separates me from it forever….”

Watchman Nee martyr of Christ in china

After his conversion, Nee started ministering among his college friends and carried out vigorous street evangelism. Despite the mockery and ridicule from his friends, he persisted in his prayerful ministry and earned around 70 souls for Christ within few months.

In 1928, realizing the call for full-time ministry, he moved to Shangai and took the name ‘Duo Sheng’ (or ‘Watchman’ in English) because he considered himself a watchman responsible for sounding out and awakening the Christians. Nee believed that the church should be self-sustaining and independent of hierarchical governance.

Thus began the ‘local church’ movement, and little flocks of Christ were established in and around Shangai. He started conducting conferences at many places in China, and the people who accepted Christ were gathered into ‘local churches.’ By 1932, the ‘local churches’ spread throughout China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. During the times of illness, he continued to spearhead the ministry through his powerful writings.

The rise of the Chinese Communist Party to power in 1949 caused Christians to come under great persecution. Nee, too was falsely accused of espionage, financial and moral irregularities. He was put under brutal imprisonment while his coworkers were persecuted and murdered. After 20 years of hardship in prison, Nee went to be with his Lord in 1972.

Beloved, have you left the world behind for Christ’s sake?

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“Lord, help me to set aside the snares of the world and run the race set before me. Amen!”

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