Adoniram Judson Biography

Adoniram Judson biography, Wanting to enjoy his youth, Adoniram Judson Jr. set out on a pleasure trip. One night, he heard a painful moaning and groaning of a sick man in the next room of the inn he was staying at. The thoughts about the dying man troubled Judson deeply. Was he prepared to die? Where would he spend his eternity? The next morning when Judson learned that the man next door has died, he pondered on the same questions that made him restless the previous night.

Birth: 09-08-1788
Death: 12-04-1850
Native Place: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Place of Vision: Burma

Troubled in his heart, Judson realized that he was not prepared to die yet and knew that he too was a lost soul. He repented of his backslidden life from God and then committed his life to his Saviour’s service.

After graduating from the Andover Theological Seminary, Judson joined a group of mission-minded friends from the Williams College who called themselves the Brethren. The group often prayed with a burden for the salvation of the heathen and to open doors for mission work.

Adoniram Judson ministry in Burma

They gathered support from the Congregationalists’ General Association which resulted in the formation of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in 1810. In the same year, Judson was appointed by the board as a missionary to the East.

Along with his wife, Ann Hasseltine, Judson sailed for India in 1812. After an unsuccessful attempt to preach the Gospel in India, the couple left for Burma, where they established the first mission of American Baptists. Together they worked for the evangelization of the Burmese people. He mastered the Burmese language and worked on Bible translation.

Judson was a mighty man of faith, prayer, and perseverance and served his Lord faithfully. His ministry was dotted with times of intense persecution, incarceration, family losses, and hunger, especially during the Anglo-Burmese War. He suffered it all with joy and patience until his death in 1850.

Beloved, are you praying with a burden for the salvation of the heathen and open doors of mission work?

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Lord, help me to grow into a person of mighty faith, prayer, and perseverance. Amen!

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