Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor, Annie Royle Taylor was one among the many who endured great hardships so joyfully for the cause of making Christ known in unknown territory. She is known as the first woman from the West to have visited Tibet for evangelization. Back then the country of Tibet was closed for the missionaries.

Birth: 07-10-1855
Death: 09-09-1922
Native Place: Cheshire
Country: England
Place of Vision: Tibet

However, the daring and young Miss Taylor made it her life’s mission to reach out to the Tibetans and share the Good News with them.

At a very young age, Taylor was challenged by an address given by a missionary encouraging people to enter the mission field. Since then, Taylor wanted to become a missionary and was waiting for God to lead her.

Annie Taylor ministry in Tibet

In 1884, she graduated in Nursing and the same year she joined the China Inland Mission and set sail to China. Her heart however longed to enter the forbidden land of Tibet. In 1890, she moved to Sikkim, which bordered Tibet, and studied the Tibetan language, culture, and religion.

Though she knew that it is impossible to penetrate Tibet, she embarked on a dangerous journey through hills and valleys. She was robbed twice and escaped several attempts of murder on the way. Yet, Taylor persevered under God’s protection and reached Lhasa district in Tibet in 1892 only to be arrested by the Tibetan authorities and sent back to China.

However, the zeal she had for Tibet led her to the establish ‘Tibetan Pioneer Mission’. She then settled at Yatung in Tibet, close to the Indian border, where she set up a small trading business and a medical clinic hoping to tend to the spiritual and physical needs of the Tibetans.

God blessed her endeavors and she was able to save many of the Tibetan souls for Christ. Her efforts as a single woman for the cause of the Gospel encouraged several others who followed her footsteps to Tibet later.

Beloved, how zealous are you for others to receive the gift of eternal life?

Take away from the article

“Lord, strengthen my inner man to attempt great things for Your Kingdom’s sake. Amen!”

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