Edward M. Bounds

Edward M. Bounds, Edward McKendree Bounds was a renowned American evangelist who belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born in 1835 and lost his father at the age of 14. He studied law and became a successful attorney. However, during the great spiritual awakening in America(1857-1858) he was moved by the Holy Spirit and committed his life to serve God.

Birth: 15.08.1835
Death : 24.08.1913
City: Shelbyville, Missouri
Country : America
Place of Vision : America

Quitting his law practice in 1858, je joined the Centernary Seminary in Missouri and was ordained as a pastor of the Monticello Methodist Church in Missouri.

During the American Civil War, Bounds was serving as a chaplin in the Confederate States Army. During the second battle of Franklin, he was arrested by Union Troops and was held in federal prison for more than a year.

Edward M. Bounds ministry in America

There he freely preached and helped the prisoners. After being released, he returned to Franklin(in Tennessee) to build up the spiritual state of the people and started weekly prayer sessions. A Great revivl moved the city and hundreds accepted Christ and many others renewed their lives. Bounds labored hard for God and as many as 8 churches flourished under his care.

He also edited the Methodist journal ‘The Christian Advocate’ through which he encouraged the Christains to lead a life of personal piety and charity. Bounds was a quite man which relied on God to meet his every material needs. He lost his wife and two sons to illness within a span of 4 years and God was only his strength.

He toiled endlessly in prayers with thee hours of prayer early in the morning ans several more hours in the evening. He preached with authority and condenmned the liberal theology creeping into the church. He also authored several books, some specifically on prayer, which still continue to urge the Christians to attain the identity of Christ.

Beloved, how strong is your prayer life?

Take away from the article

Lord, revive my prayer life and make me a new creation in You. Amen!

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