Christine Iverson Bennett

Christine Iverson Bennett, was a medical missionary at the Arabian Peninsula. Originally belonging to Denmark, her family migrated to the United States in 1893. Christine’s experience of illness in her childhood motivated her to pursue the medical profession. She went to the University of Michigan and received her Medical Doctorate in 1907.

Birth : 04-01-1881
Home Calling : 29-03-1916
Native Place : Slagballe
Country : Denmark
Place of Vision : Arabia

Inspired by stories of missionary work in Madagascar, she applied for ‘The Board of Foreign Missions’ and was sent as a medical missionary to Arabia.

Christine arrived in Bahrein in 1910 with a group of missionaries. She married Arthur King Bennett in 1911, and together, they began their missionary ministry at the Lansing Memorial Hospital at Basra. They showed Christ’s love to the very people who hated Christians.

Christine Iverson Bennett ministry in Arabia

Christine was involved in treating the women patients, and soon enough, her professional skills and tenderness attracted many of them. Being an indefatigable worker, she spent her afternoons visiting women who suffered from fever, tuberculosis, and other illness in their homes. Both the rich and poor were treated equally, and no one was ever turned away.

She also assisted her husband with his most complicated surgeries. When World War I broke out in 1914, the couple treated the wounded soldiers at the hospital. The Islamic fanaticism was at its peak, and Jews and Christians were being killed. Despite the threat to their lives, the doctor couple opened their church and school building to treat the wounded.

At this time, both fell sick due to Typhoid fever, and after three days, Christine entered eternal abode at a very young age of 35 in 1916. Christine’s earnestness in seeking to touch the hearts of the Arabs with the Gospel message was exemplary. Her selfless devotion in serving the Arab women and their children with her medical skills helped an entire community taste the love of God. Her consecrated faithfulness, devotion to duty, and genuineness of Christian life inspired many of her fellow missionaries.

Beloved, are you using your skills for the benefit of humanity?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to serve You and my fellow human beings with pure motives. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

Christine Iverson Bennett

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