Clyde Dotson

Clyde Dotson biography, One January night in 1954, somewhere in Gokwe Valley (present-day Zimbabwe), a missionary who found no place to rest in the village was hanging his hammock and mosquito net under a Mopane tree. It had been a tiring day for him since he had journeyed by bicycle preaching the Gospel. Then some villagers came running and warned him about the danger of an elephant attack. Then the missionary said, “My God is bigger than the elephants and he will protect me.” That was the beginning of the missionary journey of Clyde Dotson among the tribes of Rhodesia.

Birth : 29.07.1905
Home calling : 30.09. 1982
Native Place : Alabama
Country : United States of America
Place of Vision : Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

Clyde Dotson was working as a pastor in Alabama when he found an opportunity to do missionary work in Africa. At the age of 21, he left his home and joined the South Africa Mission Board to work in Rusitu Mission in Chimanimani District.

His heart was broken when he saw the prevalent superstitious beliefs in society and racial discrimination in the churches. Though he did not have any support except for the Lord, yet he persevered to bring a spiritual change in the gentiles of Rhodesia.

Clyde Dotson ministry in Rhodesia(Zimbabwe)

Clyde trekked a long distance to remote villages of Portuguese East Africa (now Mozambique) to share the gospel and provide better medical care to the people. He camped out in the night and bartered with the villagers for food. Once he camped for three months at the Sanyati Reservation area which ultimately led to the commencement of the Sanyati Mission.

For most of his missionary life, he stayed in mud houses with grass roofs and no electricity. He walked 18 miles for bathing water and 100 miles to fetch drinking water. Despite such hardships, he stayed in Africa for 40 years proclaiming the love of God. During this time, he built 26 churches, baptized more than 126 people.

In 1972, because of his deteriorating health, Clyde had to return to Alabama where he continued to do God’s work till his home call in 1982.

Beloved, does your faith in the might of our Lord, motivate you to do mighty things for Him?

Take away from the article

Lord, help me to overcome the fears of the world with the faith that you are mightier than all. Amen!

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