Eugen Liebendorfer

Eugen Liebendorfer biography, was a German missionary associated with Basel Missions in India. He is known to have brought a real breakthrough for medical missions in the Indian mission field. By birth, he was a Christian but began living as a true Christian ever after he attended a spiritual revival meeting in the German Luther Church in the early 1870s. He then joined the Basel Mission, which assigned him to serve in Southern India.

Birth : 16.03.1852
Home calling : 03.10.1902
Native Place : Wurttemberg
Country : Germany
Place of Vision : India

At the age of 23, he arrived at Calicut on 1 October 1875 and then began working in Tellicherry’s mission station. Although not a professional, his basic knowledge of medical treatment helped him to develop relations with the locals and preach the Gospel.

He also began writing articles on human anatomy in Malayalam to make the Indian doctors more knowledgeable. But a turning point in Eugene’s ministry came in 1882.

On 7th July 1882, Eugen witnessed the deaths of 60 people due to the collapse of a bridge. Though how much he tried, he managed to save only 20 people. He was deeply affected by that incident and felt that he could have saved more people if he had sufficient medical skills. Hence, he returned to Germany in 1883 and spent time in medical training.

Eugen Liebendorfer ministry in India

While many thought that he fled the mission station, Eugene returned to Calicut, now as a full-trained missionary doctor in 1886. Soon he was able to establish a small hospital and thousands began visiting him. People referred to him as the ‘wonderful German doctor’ and the ‘great Malabar doctor.’ But, Eugene never let the fame get to his head. He always told people that Jesus is the master healer and he was just Jesus’s assistant. He personally prayed for every patient before he treated them. There were many instances when the patient would get relief from pain just by prayer even before the treatment began.

Eugene also founded ‘Association for Medical Mission’ in 1898 to expand medical missions. The hospitals built by him are still intact and are still serving the people of Kerala.

Beloved, are you gaining the skills to serve God and people as the situation requires?

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Lord, help me continuously improve myself and serve you efficiently. Amen!

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