Corrie Ten Boom biography

Corrie Ten Boom biography, is an exemplar of Christian faith in action. Corrie was born into a Godly family where faith goes back generations. Her father was a skilled watchmaker, and her sister, Betsie, was of deep spiritual insight. She grew up in an atmosphere that was filled with love for God and others in the community. Their family was known particularly for their generosity and good relationship with the Jews around them, whom they called ‘God’s ancient people.’

Birth: 15-04-1892
Death: 15-04-1983
Native Place: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Place of Vision: Holland

During the 1940s, when the Nazis brutally attacked the Netherlands, Corrie and her family were involved in protecting the Jews. They took them in and protected them in their own house. However, as the Nazi occupation tightened, their family was betrayed, and they were arrested and taken to prison.

Corrie and her sister were sent to the Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany, where women prisoners were either used as forced labor or executed.

Corrie Ten Boom ministry in Holand

Miraculously, she was released from the concentration camp, likely due to a clerical error. However, shortly before her release, she lost her sister, who was also an epitome of selfless love and forgiveness amid illness, extreme cruelty, and persecution. After her release, Corrie established a post-war home for other camp survivors to help them recover from the horrors they endured.

In the likeness of Christ, she reached out to the betrayers of her family and shared with them the great love and wide forgiveness which is found only in Christ. Corrie’s faith was evidently seen in her actions. Once, when Corrie came face to face with one of her former tormentors in 1947, she extended her forgiveness to him, saying, “I forgive you, brother! With all my heart!”

In obedience to God’s call, Corrie traveled to sixty-four countries sharing the gospel of forgiveness. She would often not know where to go and how to pay for the travel, but God sustained her at all times in his providence. She authored several books that still serve as a source of hope and happiness for the people worldwide. Corrie Ten Boom

Beloved, is your faith evident in your actions?

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“Lord, make me a forgiving person. Amen!”

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Corrie Ten Boom biography

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