Thomas Ragland biography

Thomas Ragland biography, Thomas Gajetan Ragland was one among those who testified through his life that obedience to God is better than offerings. Born in Gibraltar, Ragland studied Mathematics at the Cambridge University and later worked at Corpus Christi College as a tutor. It was at Cambridge, Ragland was disturbed by the thought that thousands were dying without knowing Christ.

Birth : 16-04-1815
Home Calling : 22-10-1858
Homeland : England
Place of Vision : India

Though he initially tried to ignore it, he eventually yielded to the thought and went forward at God’s sign. He landed in Madras, India, as a missionary in 1846.

On his arrival in India, Ragland surveyed all of Tamil Nadu to understand the existing missionary work and identify the places where the gospel has not yet penetrated. He finally zeroed on the North Tirunelveli, where the people and circumstances were quite difficult compared to the south.

Thomas Ragland ministry in India

In 1854, he gathered a group of like-minded people who were called ‘The Band’ and moved from village to village, proclaiming the gospel. The Band used to stay for 20 days in a village doing personal evangelism, street preaching and conducting prayer meetings, and then move to the next village.

The band members’ follow-up work among the newly baptized believers helped establish small Christian groups in every village. There were times when Ragland and The Band members were chased away from villages, thrown stones at, ill-treated, and sometimes were beaten up. Nevertheless, nothing could deter their commitment to Christ and love for the lost.

Sivakasi was one such place where Ragland was chased away by the villagers with stones and sticks. That incident motivated him even more to win that village for Christ. He bought a piece of land south of Sivakasi and did missionary work until his last days. Even though he did not see the fruits of his labor during his lifetime, his efforts led to the establishment of many churches in North Tirunelveli.

Beloved, does the thought of crores of people dying without the knowledge of Christ disturb you?

Take away from the article

“Lord, forgive me for ignoring the opportunities to share the gospel and help me to be genuinely concerned for the lost souls. Amen!”

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Thomas Ragland Biography

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