David Cargill

David Cargill, The Fijian Islands were once called ‘Cannibal Isles.’ The locals actively practiced cannibalism which was a regular part of their lives. Their religious beliefs often required human sacrifice at particular times, and human bodies were eaten as part of religious ceremonies. After several complicated and worrisome efforts to bring Christianity to Fiji, the Methodist Mission gained a foothold in 1835 when David Cargill and his team landed in Lakeba, an island in Fiji.

Birth : 20-06-1809
Home Calling : 25-04-1843
Native Place : Brechin
Country : Scotland
Place of Vision : Fiji Islands

David, a bright young student at the University of Aberdeen, accepted Christ during a church service in 1826. Realizing God’s call in his life, he offered himself to take the Gospel to wherever he was appointed. He was enlisted for Fiji.

Along with his wife Margaret, David arrived in Tonga in 1834 and briefly stayed there to prepare for the ministry. Finally, in 1835 they reached Lakeba, the largest of the Fijian islands.

David Cargill ministry in Fiji Islands

At Lakeba, he threw himself into the work of winning souls for Christ. Fijians were considered dangerous and uncivilized. So, David, who believed that the Gospel message itself has the power to touch and change the people and their lives, concentrated on evangelization rather than civilizing them. However, the resources were limited, and the task was immense.

Therefore, he used every opportunity and every opening to preach the Gospel in these Islands. With war-like conditions and unfavorable weather, reaching out to other parts of Fiji was not easy. Yet, with a Christ-filled spirit, he went in search of the lost souls and brought them to Christ. He also established a church on Fiji Island.

Cargill was also one of the finest linguists which Fiji had. He gave the Fijian language its written form. As a result, the Bible and other resources such as Hymnbooks and gospel tracts were published. Fiji became largely Christian because of the sacrifices, dedication, and faith of early evangelicals like Cargill.

Beloved, what sacrifice is God asking you to make today so that someone else can taste His love?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me bring in a change in society with the power of the Gospel message. Amen!”

Word of Prayer

David Cargill

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