Eliza Agnew

Eliza Agnew, She was born to pious Christian parents James, and Jane Agnew in New York. From her school days, she cherished the resolve to do the mission work. In 1823, she heard John Scudder speaking in a revival meeting and accepted Christ as her personal savior. She joined the Orange Street Presbyterian Church and began to conduct Bible studies and distribute tracts.

Birth: 02-02-1807
Death: 14-06-1883
City: New York
Country: America
Place of Vision: Sri Lanka

In 1839, she joined the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) and was appointed for the Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Mission.

Eliza arrived in Jaffna, Sri Lanka in 1840 and was appointed as a teacher in Female Boarding School in Uduvil. Later, under her principalship, the school made remarkable progress.

Elisa Agnew ministry in Srilanka

Her extraordinary leadership not only made the school a place of formal education but also a source of spiritual enlightenment. Many girls were saved and grew in the knowledge of Christ. She personally strengthened the faith of many girls, who went back to their places as messengers of Christ.

During the summer vacations, she used to visit her ex-students and counseled them in matters of spiritual affairs and home economics. Her concern for the spiritual welfare of those placed under her care earned her the title ‘the mother of a thousand daughters.’

Eliza led a prayerful life which had an incalculable effect on her associates. Her students testify that no rising bell was needed to wake them in the morning, for they heard Eliza praying loudly for every girl in an adjoining room. She also trained more than forty women who went out into the Sri Lankan villages to preach the gospel.

Eliza retired in 1879 and chose to stay back in Srilanka. She moved to Manipay, where she kept herself busy leading the backslidden sheep into Christ’s flock. After a brief illness, Eliza left for her heavenly abode in 1883.

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