Titus Coan

Titus Coan, Born in the farmlands of Killingworth, Titus Coan was the youngest son of Gaylord Coan and Tamza Nettleton. Although he heard the gospel for most of his life, he did not surrender himself to Christ until he was 28. Once he happened to attend a Charles G Finney’s revival meeting in New York where he accepted Christ as his Savior. He surrendered himself wholeheartedly and looked for opportunities to serve God. He went to Auburn Theological Seminary in New York in 1831.

Birth: 01-02-1801
Death: 01-12-1882
Native Place: Killingworth, Connecticut
Country: United States
Place of Vision: Hawaiian Islands

After his ordination in 1833, the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions sent him for a brief period to Patagonia, South America for the mission work. Coan married Fidelia Church in 1834 and together they immediately set off to the Hawaiian Islands. They joined Sarah and David Lyman stationed at Hilo, where the people were under the burden of slavery and superstitions.

Coan traveled extensively on foot, crossed the streams, trekked the hills to reach different groups of people in the islands. He learned the Hawaiian language and preached four to five times a day.

Titus Coan ministry in Hawaiian Islands

As people flocked around his home till midnight to listen to the word of God, Coan barely found time to eat and rest. During the period 1837-1838, thousands accepted Christ, including drunkards, adulterers, robbers, and murderers. There were scenes of repentance of sins everywhere.

Coan had tremendous concern for the lost souls, and his method of evangelization was unique. Although he preached to the crowds, he preferred to personally counsel every person in his district. He maintained a small book and wrote down the names of every convert.

He vigilantly prayed for them and visited regularly to strengthen their spiritual life. Neither storms nor heavy rains or any other natural disaster stopped him from reaching out to his people. Faithfull to his call, Coan labored for the Hawaiian people for 35 years and then went to be with the Lord at the age of 81.

Beloved, are you doing the follow-up ministry after preaching the Gospel?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to personally encourage the new believers spiritually. Amen!”

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