Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward, Can you go to faraway places–alone, without any financial aid, and serve among the unknown people with an unknown language? Crossing country after country alone on a dangerous path, desperate to reach her final destination in China, Gladys May Aylward strived for her call.

Birth: 24-02-1902
Death: 03-01-1970
Native Place: Edmonton
Country: England
Place of Vision: China

Born into a working-class family, Aylward quit her schooling at the age of 14 and worked as a domestic worker. Once she happened to read about the millions in China who had never heard the gospel. Eventually, she joined China Inland Mission but was rejected after three months due to her incompetency in learning the Chinese language. But these disappointments couldn’t put off the burning desire in her.

Gladys Aylward ministry in China

She resumed working as a housemaid to save money to go to China. Setting off in 1930, along the cheaper long route to China, through many dangers and hurdles, she finally reached Yangcheng city. There along with Jeannie Lawson, Aylward succeeded in reaching out to Chinese travelers through “Inn of Eight Happinesses”, despite the hostility of locals.

She toiled for the betterment of the prisoners and orphans. In the role of the government’s foot-inspector, she not only helped Chinese women to stop ‘foot binding’ practice but also sowed the Gospel seed in them.

When the Sino-Japanese war started in 1937, she continued her stay in China believing “Christians never retreat”. During wartime, amid dangers, she led around 100 orphans to safety in Sian and collapsed with exhaustion. In 1948 when communists took rule over China, missionaries were sifted rigorously. Though reluctant, compelled by friends Aylward left China and went to her homeland after 17 years.

But her heart’s groan for China looked forward to going back but permission was denied by China’s communist government. So, she went to Hong Kong and finally settled in Taiwan in 1958. There, she established Gladys Aylward Orphanage and worked for the orphans till her last breath.

Beloved, are you willing to endure sufferings to continue on the path on which God is leading you?

Take Away from the article

“Lord, help me to realize my call and live for it till my last breath, let what may come. Amen!”

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