George Wishart

George Wishart, was born into a noble family in Montrose and was well educated. he graduated from the University of Leuven and started teaching Greek in a school in Montrose. There he also taught the students teaching Greek in a school in Montrose. There he was falsely accused of heresy. So, he fled the country and traveled all along Europe trying to get a clearer grasp of Protestant theology.

Birth : 1513
Death : 1546
Native Place : Montrose
Country : Scotland
Place of Vision : Scotland

In 1542, he joined Corpus Christian College, Cambrigde, whre he was much influenced by the teachings of Swiss and German reformers. With a newfound earnestness to preach the truth, he returned to Scotland in 1543.

Despite his life being threatened and once narrowly escaping an attempt on his life, he traveled throughout Scotland, denouncing the errors of the Pope and spiritual abuse in the church.

George Wishart Ministry in Scotland

While he was ministering at Ayshire, he heared about a plague outbreak in Dundee and immediately went to that place. He remained there ministering both to the spiritual and temporal necessities of the afflicted until the pestilence had almost wholly disappeared. He preached to them about the sin which is deadlier than the plague and how they can be healed of their sin by his (Christ’s) stripes.

His faithful labors at Dundee enraged Cardinal Beaton who plotted to kill him. It was during this time, a young man named John Knox who later becme a leader of the Protestant reformation, followed Wishart as his bodyguard. Wishart was later arrested and condemned to death even though he answered all the accusations against him by quoting from the Bible.

Before he was burned (Martyr), he prayed for his accusers and declared his forgiveness towards them. Though Wishart did not have a long gospel ministry, his teachings had a long-lasting effect on the people and laid the foundation for the Portestant Reformation in the mid-sixteenth century.

Beloved, are you standing against the false techings an guiding people into the truth?

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Lord, give me discerning mind and courageous heart to stand against the false teachings. Amen!

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