Hudson Taylor Biography

Hudson Taylor Biography, James Hudson Taylor was the founder of the ‘China Inland Mission,’ one of the most significant Christian movements in the world. Though he had a Christian upbringing, he lost his faith and became a worldly young man. However, one day he happened to read a gospel tract and was touched by the line “it is finished.”

Birth: 21-05-1832
Home Calling: 11-04-1954
Native Place: Barnsley, United Kingdom
Place of Vision: China

In an intense time of repentance prayer, he gave his life to Christ. Then he started ministering in the poor neighborhoods of London while simultaneously started pursuing a degree in medicine.

When he realized the dire need for missionaries in China, he offered himself to serve there. He arrived in China in 1854 and spent the initial years ministering in and around Shanghai, preaching and providing medical supplies to the people.

Hudson Taylor ministry in China

He closely identified himself with the Chinese in their way of life. However, he had to return to England in 1860 due to poor health. There the concern for the Chinese people motivated him to establish the ‘China Inland Mission.’ The mission was founded to take the Gospel to all the provinces of China. Along with his family, he again set sail for China in 1865 and continued to labor for the next 39 years in China.

He always relied on God to supply all his needs. Despite the sufferings of a war-torn country, the loss of his family members, the persecution, and ill health, he continued to serve Christ. Nothing could stop him from traveling to other countries to make China’s needs known and recruit missionaries.

He preached in several Chinese dialects and is regarded as the ‘Father of Chinese Christian Movement.’ His passion and zeal for Christ and love for the Chinese are reflected in his own words, “If only I had had 100 lives, I would have lived them all for the people of China.” He finished his earthly race in 1905 and went to be with the Lord.

Beloved, for whom are you living this life?

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“Lord, help me to live this remaining life fully committed to serving You. Amen!”

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