James Curtis Hepburn

James Curtis Hepburn was one of the great pioneers of the Gospel and Christian civilization in Japan. Obeying the Word of God, ‘….do to others as you would have them do to you,’ Hepburn wentabout doing good to various Asian communities as a meical missionary. Shortly after graduation from the Medical College of the Pennsylvania University.

Birth : 13-03-1815
Home calling : 21-09-1911
Native Place : Pennsylvania
Country : United States
Place of Vision : Japan and China

Hepburn along with his wife Clara Leete traveled to Singapore and then China as a medical missionary. After five years of active missionary work, the Hepburn had toleave China due to health issues and arrived in New York in 1845.
While Hepburn was practicing Medicine in New York, all three of his children fell viction to a serious illness. This personal tragedy rekindled his missionary zeal and that’s when the opportunity to serve in Japam came knocking.

James Curtis Hepburn ministry in Japan

Back then, Japan Isolated itself from the West, and foreigners were feard and hated by the locals. The Hepburn couple reached Kanagawa (Present-day Yokohama) and immediately started learning the Japanese languge. Amidst the hostilitym the octor could finally open a clinic in 1861, through which he intriduce modern medicine to Japan and treated thousands of Japanese.

As a trasnlator of the Bible, Hepburn left an indelible mark on Japanese Christianity and literature. He complied the first Japanese-English dictionary and created the Hepburn system of Romanization. besides meical service, along with his wife, he started a school teaching English to young Japanese as a means of introducing the Bible.

The school later evolved to become Meiji Gakuin univeristy, even now a distinguished Christian institution. Hepburn also established a church at Yokohama to strengthen the faith of the beilevers. Hepbrun was a loyal, diligent, zealous and self-effacing servant of Jesus who loved all mankind.

He finished his race on this earth at the ripe old age of 96, to be rightly ackonwledged buy his Lord as “Well done, good and faithful servant…..” Enter into the joy of your master.

Beloved, are you doing to others as you would have them do to you?

Take away from the article

Lord, make me empathetic about the spiritual and physical needs of the people. Amen!

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