Emil Richter

Emil Richter, was a refugee from East Prussia who worked in Frankfurt. he had lost his only son who was serving in the German Army during the Second World War. Once Richter heard about the plight of poor Indian children in a sermon made by an Indian pastor, P.M. Samuel in 1957. He became deeply concerned about the helplessness of poor and orphaned children in India.

Country : Germany
Place of Vision : India

That’s when he resolved to meet their spiritual as well as material needs. Initially, Richter shared his income with the Indian pastor and tried to meet the needs of poor Indian children. Then at his wife’s birthday party in 1957. He decided to expand his efforts of helping the poor.

Emil Richter ministry in India

He organized prayer meetings and inspired his fellow Christians to share the love of God practically. He firmly believed that the Gospel of the love of God cn be the only solution to the problems of the needy world. His efforts kindled the conscience of Christians in Germany and Switzerland to help the poor in India.

As the number of helpers grew, Emil Richter and Erwin Klinge founded a “Christian Missions Service” (Christlicher Missionsdienst) (CMS) in 1957 in Frankfurt. During the initial years of its founding, CMS supported orphan and destitute children In India through various Christians groups and churches under the ‘Foster Children Scheme.’

Later, specialized child care Institutions were established across many rural areas in India. For the past, 64 years, as a charitable organisation, CMS has changed the lives of more than 50,000 children for good, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. The children are encouraged to grow in the love of Christ and are trained to lead a model and disciplined life.

The organization continues to put Christian faith into action through Children’s Homes, Homes for the Specially-abled, training Centers, and schools across six stated in India and few other countries.

Beloved, what are your efforts in meeting the needs of the poor?

Take away from the article

Lord, strengthen me to practically show your love to the needy. Amen!

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