James Hannington biography

James Hannington biography, Uganda, a place in Africa, was once ruled by a king named Mutesa. During his reign, Christian missionaries were allowed and encouraged to prech the gospel in the country. However, the king died very shortly after accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. The King was succeeded by his son, Mwanga, who hated christians. The Christian missionaries and those who accepted Christ were expelled from the country.

Birth : 03.09.1847
Death : 29.10.1885
City : Sussex
Country : England
Vision : Africa

The Missionary Society of England sent James Hannington to Uganda in 1884 to carry out God’s work at the place. Though missionary works were started in Uganda as early as 1870, they were abandoned due to various hurdles.

James hannington went to Uganda with a team that had a great vision.

Ministry in Africa

He hoped to establish God’s Kingdom in Uganda and help its people grow in the love of Christ. His enthusiasm was met-with an equal measure of opposition to carry our God’s work in Uganda.

He and his team were caught by the local people on the 25th of October in 1885 and were subjected to cruelty. James Hannington was imprisoned by them and was tortured mercilessly. His limb bones were broken and he was beaten until his flesh hung in shreds.

Despite the torture he endured, he proclaimed the love of christ to those who were beating him. After shedding the last drop pf blood from his body, he died as a martyr of Christ. His last words to the soldiers who killed him were ” Go, tell Mwanga I have purchased the road to Uganda with my blood.”

Today, among the new nations of Africa, Uganda is the most predominantly Christian. James Hannington biography

Beloved, will you go and preach the gospel to those who have not heard it yet?

Take away from the article

” Lord, I dedicate myself to proclaim your love even to those barbarians who live in dense forests, Amen”

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