Jonathan Goforth

Jonathan Goforth, Jonathan Goforth was a Canadian evangelist, revivalist, and a missionary to China. He was the seventh child of the eleven and was quite influenced by the Christian beliefs of his mother. At the age of 18, he heard a sermon by Rev. Lachlan Cameron that convicted him of his sinful life.

Birth: 10-02-1859
Death: 08-10-1936
Native Place: Ontario
Country: Canada
Place of Vision: China

From that day on, he yielded his life to Christ, as he said, “my life belongs to Him who gave His life for me”. He became an active Christian distributing tracts and conducting worship services in Ontario.

Through much hardship, Goforth completed his high school education. Then he entered Knox College, Toronto for theological education. One day he heard George L. Mackay emphatically speaking about the need for missionaries around the world.

Jonathan Goforth ministry in China

From that day onwards, Goforth lost no opportunity to train himself to become a missionary. In October 1887 he was ordained and got married to Florence Rosalind in the same month. A few months later, the couple set sail for their mission in China.

Goforth reached Chefoo in China in 1888 and then moved to Honan province. Despite the initial struggles with the language, Goforth shared the essentials of the Christian message with anyone who would listen. Whenever he preached, the congregation came under the powerful working of the Holy Spirit.

Thousands accepted Christ as their savior and were added to the church. His extensive traveling ministry in Manchuria and Korea resulted in unprecedented revival in those regions. Goforth’s missionary journey was not devoid of trials and persecutions.

The Lord sustained and comforted Goforth during the untimely deaths of five of his eleven children. He was beaten by the Chinese mobs, separated from his family, and once his house was burned down. But nothing could deter his resolution to serve God. Whenever his faith was tested, he always turned to the Word of God. He believed that the only way to go forward in ministry was on the knees.

Beloved, does your life belong to Him (Christ) who laid down His life for you?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to no longer live for myself, but You. Amen!”

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