Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker, Thomas Walker was an Anglican missionary to Tinnevelly (Tirunelveli) in South India. He was born into pious Christian family and was brought up in the fear of God. At the age of seventeen, he attended a Bible class where he heard the parable of the two builders that touched his heart. He immediately gave himself to God.

Birth: 09-02-1859
Death: 24-08-1912
Native Place: Derbyshire
Country: England
Place of Vision: Tirunelveli (India)

He went to St. John’s College, Cambridge, and studied mathematics. There Walker developed the habits of devotion, prayer, and systematic Bible study which laid the foundation for his future life and work.

His father intended him for a business career but his heart was for the mission work. The more he read the Bible, the more he was convinced that ‘he should become a fisher of men.’ He joined the Church Missionary Society and was sent to Tinnevelly in 1885.

Thomas Walker ministry in South India

After arriving at Tinnevelly, he mastered the Tamil language and left a rich legacy of translating many hymns into Tamil. He was a very powerful preacher who traveled on foot and bullock carts to preach the Gospel at various places in and around Tinnevelly. Pannaivillai was one such place that saw the light of Christ due to his tireless efforts.

Despite the opposition he faced from the Hindus, he was successful in saving many souls for Christ. Walker also encouraged his fellow missionary, Amy Carmichael, in her work among temple girls. Together they established a school and a fellowship at Dohnavur which transformed the place into a Christian community and a safe haven for the young girls.

Thomas was a man of unusual integrity and spiritual earnestness. His sermons at Marmon Convention brought revival among the churches of Kerala. His efforts resulted in a strong evangelistic spirit prevailing among the servants of God.

Many people were added to Christ’s flock. The ‘Walker of Tinnevelly’ who inspired many other missionaries left for heavenly abode after being a successful fisher of many men for God.

Beloved, are you a fisher of men for God?

Take away from the article

“Lord, help me to leave the pleasures of the world to be a fisher of men for you. Amen!”

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